Not All There!


 What a success! Thank you to everyone who turned out for my Book Signing on Friday the 13th. Luckily you defied the title of the book, and you were definitely 'All There' with such great questions as well! 
I apologise for all the exclamation marks, I am really pleased to all those who made the effort to travel and support Not All There, at it's introduction to the world.

From the event I talked about the personal experiences that influenced the writing of Not All There. Mostly I talked about Claude (the main character) my decision to write him as a mute character. I didn't go in with much of a script, I remember talking about the narrative descisions I made, my nervousness turns it into a blur. 

Luckily it was impressive enough that none of my guests seemed to mind, either that or I kept them sufficiently supplied with prosecco. 

Thank you again to everyone attended, you made the evening very special.


Jane xxx

A limited number of Signed copies are still available

please contact for further information. 

Exclusive Book Signing

On Friday 13th April, I will be performing a book event (details below) for my novella Not All There including a short talk, a reading from the novella and maybe answering some questions (if there are any questions to be answered), as well as meeting those in attendance and signing books.

I haven't shared this novella and it's topics in front of a crowd before, and in some ways I am rather divided on what I will talk about or rather what I won't talk about. Writing Not All There was a self-indulgent desire, in fact the whole process was self-indulgent. I knew I wanted to write this novella for a long time and I wrote it for me and no one else. It wasn't until others started identifying with the subject matter that we got to this point. It seems you like sad stories too.

Which leads me to what I plan on talking about, one of my topics I did consider, if I was to be constrained by location; Why don't all dogs go to heaven? But that's rather a cruel thought and needless to say there are no dogs in Not All There


I would like to talk about the narrative structure of Not All There, but I am well aware that this is another piece of self-indulgence. The literary style of Not All There is at the very least niche and at the most troublesome. I doubt anyone would want to hear about the process of how it got to be so difficult to read.


So, after a couple of glasses of Prosecco, I'd like to invite you all to come and hear me talk about how I indulged myself in writing a book that only I would like and how some other people liked it too.


Jane xx



Friday 13th April


St George's Church Hall 

Catholic Church, Shoeburyness



Tickets £10- included signed copy of Not All There



The Vampire's Reflection


Every night as sure as silence,

Whilst Winter battles frost for fear,

I stare in to the mirror in darkness,

seeing nothing lying there.


That's all for tonight, I lie in a whisper,
My hands gripped around the ornate frame,
Desperate to see someone in the mirror,
eternal. reflected. perfect.

My haunted dark eyes, my pale skin,
Shivers down my spine, long and thin,
On my neck a cold echo blows,
Would my hair shine as black as a crow?

I pull the mirror, in a wrench from the wall,
And grasp it tight as darkness grows.

All I see as I draw the mirror close,
the face that's looking back at me,
Sunken eyes and crow black hair,
And skin as pale as death itself.

I spin around and with a crash,
I shatter the mirror to broken glass,
And on the floor bleeding dry,
Is a face I'd come to recognise.


-Jane Barron de Burgh

Not All There in paperback. 

I am delighted to inform you that at the beginning of the month, Not All There was released as a paper back. It is now available for all to buy for the low low price of £5.99. I hope you will all take this opportunity to enjoy the physical copy of Not All There. Gift it to a friend, it's the perfect book for Christmas. 


You should never judge a book by its cover, but isn't that what all books are judged on? When I am browsing through hundreds of books it has to be an interesting cover design that attracts me first. Covers are what makes us pick up a book or click on a title to read more about it. 
Like a lot of first time self-published authors I found my cover designer through k-boards yellow pages. (Links below). I looked through each single designer searching for covers that would be suitable for my book, as well as designers that would suit the genre I was in, as it is a rather niche genre; literary, ghost, grief, death fiction.
Eventually, for my cover of Not All There I chose Jorge Romo a photographer out of Ecuador, Jorge's style appealed to me as he used all his own images rather than stock photos. Therefore as well as having completely original photography I would have no concerns about licensing stock images or worrying about licences running out after a year.
Already on Jorge's site was a pre-made cover of a boy looking up to a spectral figure, not so different to my cover now (that's what you think). A premade cover is a cover that an Author can just add their name and title to and buy for a relatively reasonable price. I really liked this cover but it was a bit too scary, if you've read my Not All There, you'll know it's sad rather than scary. I messaged Jorge keen to keep the little boy but also hoping that he would alter some of the details for me. Thankfully Jorge agreed to make the premade into a custom made for me, at no extra charge, and we worked together into creating the whole cover. The cover for Not All There now depicts the scene in which Mary reappears.
I was very out of my depth on all decisions to do with designing the cover as I'm not a very visual person (more with the words) so it was down to Jorge's perseverance and many back and forths that the book cover turned out as well as it did. The typograhy was the only thing I could be sure on, when Jorge showed me the samples of the font I chose to use. I knew it was the right one as I handwrite my 'J's in exactly the same style.


In addition to the book cover design I also asked Jorge to do some social media designs for my and my and which now all compliment one another.  

Check it out! Links below!


Buy Not All There: 

Jorge Romo, Cover Designer:


Everything you need to know about book cover design from a podcast:

Not All There Out Now

Not All There is a debut novel by Jane Barron de Burgh


If Claude's life was shaken by the death of his mother, it was turned upside down by her reappearance a week later. Claude and his sister Patience attempt to deal with their mother returning from the dead whilst trying to avoid family drama.

Death, grief and eventually acceptance comes to us all but first it must come to Claude. Based on the author's own experiences, this is not your usual ghost story.


Get it here now for only £1.99



Why I chose to self publish


Monday 12th June

Creatively, Not All There, my soon-to-be-published debut novella, is too short to be accepted by trad-pub but it's not exclusion from other options which has me turning to self-publishing as a final hope. Self-publishing doesn't have any hoops to jump through, no hoops except my own that is. Self-publishing allows me to follow my creative dreams, I don't have to fit in to any genre, marketing scheme nor do I have to piggy-back any trends. Of course, this might mean I don't sell a copy, but I also don't have to listen to what anyone says. If I want to kill off everyone of my characters then I've only got myself to blame when there is no sequel. Self-publishing brings independence in creative freedom. 

Ecologically, e-books are the way forward, at least in my opinion, more and more people have access to kindles, iPads and tablets and it is getting easier and more comfortable to read on a screen. I love the smell of a book, and the texture, I didn't think anything could replace it, in fact I was a bit of a snob about it, but it turns out when you're reading a good story it doesn't matter what format it comes from. E-books are just as good a read as doorstoppers, and you can get Not All There, on kindle this July.

Print-on-demand is much more eco-friendly. Rather than trad-pub cutting down the brazillian rainforest to knock out 20,000 copies to readers that don't exist, print-on-demand does exactly what it says on the tin. As soon as someone wants a copy, a copy is printed for them. No fuss, no hassle. There are no warehouses of lost and forgotten books never sold. Sure, you can't go in to Waterstones and rearrange the displays so your book is at the top of every shelf, but I do all my shopping online anyway. Working in a fundraising shop, this is a particular bugbear of mine.  I see so many second-hand books and even new books that are hardly touched go completely unread. I don't want to contribute to this problem by printing more books no one wants to read. I'm all for the smell, touch and texture of a book but eventually I know what happens to it; it comes to me, sunbleached and watermarked and I recycle it. 
Economically I retain more of the royalties, that means the more hard work I put in directly correlates to what I'm paid. Unlike in trad-pub there is no advance so I have to work for every sale. This also means I can budget to the amount of sales I have, for example, at the moment, maintaining this website is the cost of one sale a month. Anything I earn over that can be spent on more to do with publishing, my writing, or whatever I want. 
So that's the three most important reasons why I chose to self-publish. Let me know what you think!



Saturday 10th June

Nervous, excited, intimidated. Mostly I'm feeling out of my depth on my journey to self-publish. Right now there are so many decisions to make, how should my blurb read? What should my book cover look like? And what on earth should I do for marketing? Luckily I have the support of internet communities such as k-boards and my Open University Writer's Club, but it still feels like a leap into the unknown, no matter how many resources I read. And trust me I've been reading a lot, and listening to a lot of podcasts as well. I still feel as though I'm treading water.
I'm just glad that I've written Not All There. If I was also going through the struggle of writing this novella I don't know how I'd cope. I'm sure I'd just add it to my already unending to do list. Speaking of my unending to do list; the satisfaction of marking things of the list is somewhat depleted when I insist on adding a dozen things on. Write now my main tasks are my book cover, (which with the help of my designer Jorge, I should be able to show you soon) and understanding Kindle Unlimited.
That's all for now. 
Jane xx 


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